14 July 2008

tour d'amatte

rothwell emereged dark horse, carbon 105. carrying knee strains and gunner been off his saddle— but up for it, and skipper per '67 rolled eden. 'smuggled' small goods for the anniversaraire collected our docteur 'valantino' and muscled coromandel, murrays and blacks to the valley. junior trading cleats and the reveal of the red williers not lost on da ali'G' show. trippy emereged from stage left trek au gerolstiener to bring together the biggest 'bike shoppe' and roll out of smokkelaar equipe de cycle. The dootch master would have had misty eyes for the tulip fields as the the first roundabout revolved and barked orders of start together finish together and falls lamely. Junior strapped in felt intimidated by the velo en masse— compare sram, duraace, 105 and carbon copious. chandlers bites and immediate split the field. the 'auto-bus' enforeced on the climb the wind gusting nor nor wester. generally a tail wind of sorts. keeping the wheels on track was going to require some muscle. the first summit equates the first detour and their was no complaints as the peleton regrouped, rolled and wound valley side to clarendon sweep backs and attacking. the onkaparinga right hander negotiated to climb to the blewitt springs intersection. the main road claustraphobic. bakers valley calls the peleton off track and quieter. gunner defiant as the hills presented the pack lead out by 'tripp', and the kidd only too happy to trade tape with the doctor for company. gunner musing lack of attachment to his machine and called the first drinks break at woodstock. team orders overuled— for another tour. the tour truned offroad junor revelled the suspension for a final MTB attack. rothwell had covered 30 ks and started to wonder where his domestiques were leading him. junior powered, you got to cast back to the days of 15kilo saddles— quads biting. the pace set was, 'up there'. Wickham’s stair case was tackled with switch backs into the breeze the climb intense. the drop off dizzy. the sight of gunner struggling serves as the intent of the tour. the rollout caught up at the summit. ridge road undulations another split of the peloton, breakaways and crazy gusts caroling the watershed. the tour reassembled the 'auto-bus'. prior to the willunga descent. respite nix on the downhill playground where the turbulence threw the pack around and stone walled,except for the doctor in and under the updraft detatched. concentration high. the ragged tourers descend. the cafe stop enforced main road. cake and cafes consumed. team orders spelt out. yet another detoured kicker before the right hander and yet another breakaway. gunner barks into the wind the give way sign yields action. Ride together finish together> lets not forget our humble beginnings. down glades, the junior shielded, the pack working together sneaks to 27k on the approach to sellicks. the kidd running wide boy aka ali 'g' keeps the width and earns the wrath of mitsis and commodores on the horn. south road shuffle single file and off into the sellicks sleeper. Main bunch regroup for the slalom left hander kidd reminded of apex and exit lines. the chorus from the deck calls in the final sprint which resembeld a saunter, but the welcome fantastiche chalked finish lines and excited claims of victory for the door prize. the initiation of new riders continued with birthday and cakes and cabana—manafique. thanks to the kidd for the ride and ros for the welcome party.
happy birthday matty [estimated 36 years].
it was a blast.
79.5 ks from eden [66 from the valley]
3.31 ride time [less 30 valley lads]
max 59.5 [wind assisted—on the official timer not pike adjusted]
22.5 ave

valley boys
Dist 66.8km
22.3 km ph avg speed
50-70km top speed (depends if your Doc or not)
2h 59m 49s riding time
30-40 kph [see metro report of 60-70 kph] wind speed


4 hot chocolates
2 home made PIZZAs
3 pieces of cake
2 lattes
1 piece of cabana

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