06 October 2008

busted at brokeback mountain!

sneaky runs are in order but the balance of nature exists. what goes around comes around. on a smart reccy climb through the gorge skip and gunner discover the benefits of new rain jackets and leg speed early on in the tour stage. the wind at our quaters the climb engaged the cafe consumed on arrival at cudlee—recommended all day breakfast and pie floaters. are you feeling cudlee gunner? the right turn at the lobethal road to bring home the duo via fox swamp and german town all planned on the fly. the climb to mount crawford bit hard and the gunner wrapped his 105 around the 9 cog rear including de-spoke and that was it, he was going nowhere. the balance of nature. the deployment of audi dispatched and the recovering cyclists humored as the sun tried to warm the sombre twins. the sight of down hill invertebrits clocking 80plus on the down hill manic. dont watch doc it looks contagious or something else. heres the damage. ebay item sorted for a replacement rear hanger. or a new bike hey! when repaired thanks to ebay consultancy— "that mountains going to be busted" skip

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