27 January 2009

TDU photo comp ... part 1

Our youngest Smokkelaar? Rebekah rides the "Tour for Kids". (Lance is quickly trying to produce black and yellow "Livestrong" bike baskets to capitalise on the craze that's sure to start from this happy snap).

Two time TDF stage winner David Moncoutie breaks away from the peloton lead by Lance up Chandlers Hill Rd (I do actually really like this photo)

Allan Davis in full flight just 100m from winning stage 2 in Stirling and securing the Ochre jersey ... which he would never relinquish.
Competition details:
Nellie was bragging about her TDU photography up Old Willunga Hill ... so here's the first entry in the inaugural "Smokkelaars Photo Competition". Show us your best shots from around the TDU and win fantastic prizes and international acclaim. (OK so first prize is a night our with Skipper, second prize is two nights out with the Skip ... and as for international acclaim, well if Van Dutch likes them then that's about the best you'll get).

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skipper said...

3 stars: one each—david