17 January 2009

TDU Recon Run

What was billed as a major recon run up the first 40km(ish) of the TDU route for Team S turned into 4 blokes at the Mad Cow in Gumeracha for a Sat morning coffee. Kidd begins at 6.30, picking up the Skipper at Blackwood and then Junior and Trippo jump on the "bus" at Cross Rd and the fun begins. Early rolling is easy and fun down Portrush toward Campbelltown. The climb out of Campelltown soon enters the Gorge(ous) hills and the Golden Fleece line rolls into action until the hills get too steep and small chain rings whir into action. Hills seem to go roll on and on. "Wait for me at the top" yells Skip but eager young bucks can't work out where the top is ... the hills just keep going and going. Skipper breaks past the waiting 3 and the chase for him is on. Two more riders join the "bus" into Gumeracha ... but only after asking permission from "Skipper". Coffee, cabana and colour schemes with the "Tiger" (ask Skip) makes a fun break in "Gum" before the team heads for home - not before Campy & Bond are spotted on a secret mission for her majesty. Together with the milk delivery guy at Gumeracha, they bring to 3 the number of people we meet who Skipper knows. The descent home is fast and fun - past Team Quick Step (do they recognise us?) and back into the leafy Eastern suburbs. As the quartet rolls down Cross Rd, Trippo peels off and then Junior ... leaving Skip and Kidd to roll back to the south ... with Kidd having a crack at O'Halloran Hill in a pathetic simulation of the climbing Menglers after 100kms in the saddle. A great day had by all - highlighted by Gorge(ous) Rd and that cracking hairdo convo at Gumeracha. Love it.
Average Speed 26-27km/h
Distance 90-100 for Junior & Trippo, 110ish for the Skip and 128 for The Kidd (serves him right for living so far South)
Pro Teams spotted 1 (Quick Step - Trippo will post photo)
Number of Random people Skip knows (a new but vital stat) 3 (Campy, Bond and the milkman)
Number of smallgoods secreted away 1
A pleasure as always boys - trust the rest of the team is getting some good hard kms into the legs in prep for Friday.
The Kidd

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skipper said...

the 3 smokklateers—great ride and write up kiddo