07 October 2009

Where's the number for Jonathon Vaughters

After many apologies, only Sid & Kidd were found punishing the pavement on
early season training on Monday arvo. Sid on new full-carbon Orbea. Kidd in
awe. Met at Juniors (oops didn't tell Junior we were riding - sorry) and off
up Magill Rd and Norton Summit ... easy (seriously it's not that tough).
Rolling hills and beautiful views across the ridge to Crafer ... wait
WELCOME TO BASKET RANGE. We should have turned left at Albuquerque. Hmmm ...
help ... where's Skipper. Many hills and valleys later and the trepid duo
roll into Crafers before the Eagle descent. Hey, do you cars use the up
track. Kidd finds out the hard way. 70kph - head on 'hello'!!! Lucky. All
smiles down Cross Road ... wait ... a flash of gold ... DOCTOR ... sneaky as
always. Back slapping and high fives back at Juniors. Legs will be better
for the early mile later ... won't they? Bobridge holds Norton record 5.6km
uphill in 11.05. Kidd and Sid rode hard. 20 & 23 mins. Clock must be broken
- sure we were within a whisker. Where's that number for Jonathon Vautghters
... I'm sure he'll want us on the team too.

60km @ 25 kph

Prepare for a shock boys - Sid can climb on full carbon
Look forward to seeing you all on the road ... SOON.



skipper said...

and syd can also sprint...look for the velodrome musing? all you pyscho kids!
great riding and writing ...i had a er another party no wait, yep thats right a bbq training session to attend,

gunner said...

kidd @ syd - nice stuff. was thinking of you while i was toiling away at work. norton summit, may have to give it a go. i reckon thunda [ftb] knocked off that pimple in 15min with fingers up his nostrils.