01 November 2009

trak time!.

rowdy, sydney billy and skip tested their fortitude on the boards at the superdrome on friday night and passed with flying colours. team smokkelaar pursuit is on trak for a debut ITNTDF, but a few more little steps are in order. technically coached by bernie, nick and leigh the lads not only got out on them boards, but attempted pursuit slipstreaming, individual timed laps and all in bunch sprint, which may have resembles a dawdle to the gaffer's, as nick ferguson showed clear trak and time to the debutants. his time to beat around the 45 degree bank was high 14's —that more resembled a cliff first time your pluck the courage to ride through, pressure on the traps, then 'close the gap' urged and barked pushing us above the blue line— you can see the zone half way up the embankment, as we trailed the 6 inch rule. daunting very daunting yet the most magnificent night. trak bikes are fixed speed no brakes just you, to hold it back, accelerate which feels like climb when the bank bites, and watchout when you forget there aint no idle speed as it trys to throw you over the handlebars, as skip came close to experiencing after the first sprint. the slip stream will suck you into the rider infront so you tail out the strokes. technical. rowdy posted 18 skip 20 and billy and syd packed away 21's.
skipper is hooked.  definate gold!