20 December 2009

Snapper point - Willunga - Snapper point. (by neutral observer)मोनेतिज़े

Snapper point - Willunga - Snapper point. (by neutral observer)

Golden fleece darting along side the beach. Blue skies, turquoise water. This would make every European cyclist want to migrate to Australia. Fat boys in different sizes, shape, dodgy outfit, a make up tribe of Mega Bike pedalleurs. Red team, arrogance matches class. Different league. Magnificent bikes. Cycling SA volunteers manning the start and finish. 'No drafting', shouted the time keeper as a peloton of some thirty riders came by. Chapeau! No prize for Smokkelaars. 'Looking a bit ragged', the starter reckoned. Skip could have shaved. Balance between legs and face seemed out of sync. Some fleece zips were undone. At least they all wore black bibs this time.

On the road however, different story as photographs testify. It was a smooth line of gold gliding the bitumen. Communication was swift and without some of the swearing the spectators got treated to by less organized outfits. Kathy parking her Iveco bus, massive white number, for prime position when they will visit the Tour. We need a Smokkelaars logotype on the roof. Only vehicle which can be seen from space. Perfect support mobile for Smokkelaars. 2 massage tables inside, a fridge, gas stove and .... curtains. What's said in the shed, will stay in the shed. Tight lines, one for all, all for one.

Well done boys. Up to the next ride.

Barby at Rowdy and Liz's new domain was excellent. A true Rowdy palace. Mick Doohan posters in the shed, new mountainbike covered by blankets. Exploding barbeque drove supporter dogs into stupor. It sounded like a Balcan sniper sorting out the new neighbours. Rowdy proved to be quite rowdy indeed. Having found a more permanent home brought out the true CJ. Other Tate's added bravado. Thanks for a great morning/afternoon.


skipper said...

fantastisch schrijven en foto's...skip

Cabana Kidd said...

very jealous boys - all sounded like a great ride. i knocked out my own 46 in the ealry hours and was with you in spirit on the road. Kidd