07 February 2010

IGA Cyclo Sportif - Round 4

TeamS took on the might of the IGA cyclo sportif teams for round 4 of Cycling SA's road series - and rest assured there's some serious leg power pushing some impressive hardware. A breathless summer morning greeted the TeamS gang of five. skip, syd, g'lover, luke & simon suited up and started as one on a two loop 34km circuit that took in Range Road, Meadows Road and a nice quad burning pitch on Pottery Road. The vagaries of sport were not lost on TeamS and a duet of punctures ended any aspirations of a podium finish. Then the pain of the ride took its toll with a bare minimum five doing it tough compared to the teams of nine (and more) sharing the load. A nasty bingle by team 'fatboys' saw plenty of skin left on the bitumen and a few busted bikes as well. The 'skinny latte' girls' team were pumped at the finish and were soon busily discussing who was wearing what at the Victory Hotel for lunch. They offered gunner a spot on their team as a token bloke; proof positive that the ride emboldens. Brought back memories of the cheeky NZ import digging skip during TDU 2009 about his compact before she disappeared into the distance on Menglers mangler. And soon enough the golden fleece swept left off Pottery Road onto Range Road and tripped the finish line.

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skipper said...

the age old question..how many smokkelaars does it take to change a tyre..4 times? thanks to gunner ghosting appearance in his tour reporting capacity, the day was not a komplete disaster..infact he was a welcome relief to the constant, today was a real test of mettle, no sooner into a routine then another dusty interlude...great teamwork and supporting today, i think we all earnt that round at the victory hotel...thanks....skip