15 March 2011


if you build it...they will come! after a few false flats the overdue ACLW ride wound out of the cafes dotted along rundle street to greet the morning sun approx 8am. gunner shanghaid, his return to the front of the peleton with a another flat white and we welcomed trolley and daisy di-cutter to lead out the chain gang. glover toughend up with a gentle roll in from mylor to warn up, doc, di, and skipper collected harley for another crack at the gorge. trolley, depot and the dutchman joined in for a caffine at cibo or afresco, maybe both and with the word for the day being FOCUS we headed out to meet the 'colnago' orbit crew at the tolley, not trolley road. race rules were acknowledged and considered. along the gorge the pace opened and closed and the crew were alltogeher at the bottom of kangaroo creek resevoir. first up tail gun the rest til we all get to the lid and somewhere amongst maybe and sort off harley looked like he had a motor in that frame and i aint talking his down tubing...van dutch barley affected a candle and the chattering gunner made more noise as it got steeper...or was that his bike! the loud pedal on the pinarello echos in them there hills. we got it all back together for the tune up into cudlee creek. another couple of lumps and kbrook saw the regroup cast off the italian job whose smooth style gains the swagger and confidence that those calves certainly carry. together, the team collectively sorted out its pecking order and at williamstown with the riot act read, the last clicks breezed by in perfect team unison. the welcome to the barossa lacked bells of the TDU breakaway but the whistles were in perfect order. photos. tall gears. and lunch. family and friends turned out. included syd sporting war stories of his new sport, downhill skiing! torn ACL and limited sympathy that these rigors endure. sue has little comfort for her limping larry but it was a fun and relaxed and overdue catchup. the return trip not without its dramas although doc and depot did make for lost time on the boardroom takovers!. i suspect a great time by all. trust the wheels still spin nickcheers to all nicely done.
look for the french connection to callington ITNTDF . tight lines. skip!

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