25 April 2011

Thanks for the ride

Here's the route as requested Depot. (You can see where we started and I peeled off at Nairne for home).

Just wanted to say thanks for the ride guys. Sorry I nicked off before lunch and without seeing most of you to say 'see ya' but time just got the better of me and I thought it would be nice to chaperone Junior too.

Look forward to the next one.


PS. Looking forward to Gunner's post of the world's crazest tyre change.


skipper said...

nice one kiddo great to see you out and your new wheels..pretty awesome pick up cervelo—

and great to see the founders i think the first time they have ridden together for a number of years.

and i think notable for you to sit back and support deot and junior.

tight lines


Geert van Keulen said...

Good work guys. Awesome day on the road.

Geert van Keulen said...


I can't get the video through the blog. Could you send it my email address.