28 September 2011

granD fondo

sleeper HOLD?

look mom one hand! KOM stylin.

The sleeper at work for team Smokkelaars [bottom]?!

how good is this GOR?

wish you were here! [team]

free bike? what size?

Thanks for a superb weekend Andrew (Harley), I thoroughly enjoyed myself and thank you to the Legend, (yourself), who organised the whole deal – much appreciated! Payment made also – double thankyou!

Also duely noted and surmised over the course of the weekend:

Tim’s aka (Skipper’s) top tips & group challenges were also most informative in the throes of the ride, especially KOM; peaked early but found late bike form! Well done lad....

Ian’s culinary skills splendid... as was the company on the Fondo’s challenging pinches. Understated – like a diesel engine! Nice work...

Curly – crikey he does have no hair, sorry mate – we do love you! Chipper to the last and it was noted that the legs of old still bear the muscle memories of many a long ride. A stager of sorts but wiley in the extreme – good form all day!

Harley – mate, that Dud can push the gear. We were all mightily impressed with his resolve to do well, but enjoy the views and so on. The bike might have creaked, but he held on. Great ride champ!

Dan – did we see him? Concerned about the need to push on past the boys, but what the hell, he did have a ride to catch. Nice to touch base at KOM. Seemingly solid skills...

Jason – key defector, put in the yards to a great time [3.19 something special like that], no time to kick back on this one. Obviously the [dark horse] charger!

Ge[e]rt – loved the ‘swing ins’ on the ride to Airey’s – a pity you didn’t crack the ride. P.S. How did the job go?

If ever there is another such event or if one comes my way I’ll be sure to call the boys again.
If anyone needs a new bike be sure to call – see photo [bottom].

See you guys soon,

Marc (Sleeper) Lewon (in training as we speak – see Image 2)

Truth in cycling lies within?

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