25 February 2012

Pics of the ride

Hi guys, a few pics from the early stages of my journey [9/2-Bali-Lombok-East Java-25/2]

Riding up to the start of the volcano climb in Lombok.

Seriously contemplating my sanity and god knows what else on the climb to the volcano Rinjani, Lombok.

Stumpjumper happy with the in-crowd at the ferry from Lombok to Bali.

Big meal but delicious. Indonesian know how to cook. Soto Ayam [chicken soup] with rice.

Just about to go descend in the rain high on a pass in Bali. Only time I've worn my helmet.

Old timer water bottle mixes with the lads.

The truck of Mr samsul who gave Stumpjumper and myself a lift on top of the volcanic gravel needed to stop 4 times during our 50 k ride down and up the steep undulating slopes towards Malang. He would let the tire cool a little, then wash it and kept pouring water over the tires. Truckies love the monsoon!

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