04 June 2008

The Skidda Breakaway

Team roll out at 4.15pm, the cool of the late afternoon settled on the valley, kabana kid and junior set off to conquer the mountain. Kabana has done this journey before, Junior’s first trek on this route. Junior sighs relief as no kabana on board. Two roadies cruise down Fraser with the Smokkelaas tops providing protection and the look - arms feeling the chill before exertion warms the body to balance the wind. Reynell Rd has its challenges, roundabouts and no bike lane, good stretch to clear the cob webs on body and machine alike.

Left. Ups and down of Panalatinga pleasant as cars head home around us with some chiko rolls to offset the gradual climbs. Kabana called four past Thaxted Park before the rise presents itself in all its glory. Cox Hill Road ahead
Wikepedia def: Cox Hill Rd: Steep early, steep during, steep to the end. Mild and intermittent flats give minor relief but the breakaway boys are blowing hard. A pause on the ascent as it’s not a race – start together, finish together. climbing at your own pace and see you at the top doesn’t apply on this baby. Glow of the sunset over our shoulders as we climb gave us a sneak peak to Monday’s sun. The stairs levelled out a bit, allowed our legs to breathe as we continued the climb. Scenery of rural homesteads, livestock, large sheds is easy on the eye. As Cox turns into Piggot Range Rd, puffing turns to cruising as the levels turn favourable.

Left Education Road - we learnt something – gravity works. Rolling down towards the coast commences with sunglasses off for the view – orange and red dominate the sky against ocean blue – speed picks up rapidly, chills not felt - 50km ph, adrenalin climbs, speed rises - 60 km ph, hands hover over breaks in case speed wobbles join in, head down aerodynamically Pike style - 70 km ph, brakes on for the bend half way down (thanks for the head up Kabana). More to pace to come. Speed resumes – wow that rocks. Left at Fraser to complete the loop at the Kabana hacienda. The climb was worth it.

22.8 km avg
74.1km top speed
47 min riding time

New tops pass the test – almost completely broken in at top speed – kabana pocket @ the back still fresh.


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skipper said...

cheeky and sneaky access all areas pass beneath the laws/truths of cycling. nice work kidds. +