04 June 2008

the williamstown slam!

the smokkelaar spirit arrived in the williamtown sans dutch, the inspired junior and the kidd. three against the flats? the doctor unwraps the rock machine SRAM. gunner 'tuned' cannonadale as per script. and les bleu giant per the skipp. gunner talks up prep massive. carbo loaded no alcohol and no sex—ready to rock and roll 120 and slim in the nouveau tights and arms.—it was flippin freezin in the shade! flats brought new meaning later. another missed roll out the smokkelaars 'mak shau' not for the faint. roll with speed down 28ks to gawler. swarming late starters and buzzing the ladies. been here done that nonchelant. left hook gawler main almost overshoot gunner locks, skipper trails and doc not over confident in his cables riding shotty. parrallel the mainy to the ravine. Dead mans ridge sound ominous. what goes down must go up an up and up and up. climb till it hurts. doc strides 'gunner style' as we would expect after the year of training on the trusty learsport. something not right with skip deflating momentum hard to figure. pumps twice thrice. slides the largesse a few times on the climb but succumbs to yet another tyre change at the food stop. gunner lays down the maxim. the last time got it? no more flats! was the reply. mitchell calls in heading to kersbrook meet in 20 only 11 ks. missed the sign that said 'mount gawler' 20 mins into the climb no respite at 45 gunner and doc straddle the watershed waiting the forlorn skip losing faith in the legs. down sweep max 68 catch speed and corners and then kersbrrook. ian ian. greg gregg easy to figure amongst taunts of looking like a team and vieled threats of killing inside info off rebuff. Au trois becomes a pentalaton laise au faire laconic almost dissmissive ride from the pro team carbons 5 ks flashes and they pull back to return to magill within the hour! somehow we trust that assessment. 16 ks return then face the second loop. gunner strides the doc in his slip. skipper failing fast. the last ten massive. almost laughable. the oval the gunner sign on for two followed by doc its was 11.45am. the second loop punishing as the first. still it was a perfect day for a ride and the gun is tuned. skip pulls rank. its over lads . in hindsight not a bad call the return to the hills read like 2pm on the rocket clock.funny thing a dutch women came to us and asked if we were form the homeland. ' well how did you get those team tops out here? are you a dutch team? how big is the team? and why smokkelars? 3 today gunner and doc delighted by skip who ummmed and arrghed a way through a pretty distratced series of events that included tall stories about the dutch and belgium border 'off trade' and the fact our team import rider dootch was not riding with us today. she looked very confused and replied. that 'name' suggests you are very sneaky and cheeky! ride time 3.20. 62 ks 68 max. 24 ave. well thats from gunners clock! memo—flats in the pneumatic is not a good thing! but hey we looked the goods. even in the offtrade


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