10 August 2008

Le Tour de Strath

grey skies ... lots of rain ... the three muskateers ride again - Doc resplendent in new yellow rain attire, Trippo in his 'duffle-coat', and the Kidd with a borrowed tent rolled up in back. Horses saddled in Strath under fine skies, howling winds behind and the muskateers take off at >37km/h ... we should be in Beijing ... until the turn is made from Woodchester into cross winds and THE CLIMB - 337m over 13.5kms all told - lots of 7-10% climbing - lots of 15 km/h slogging uphill and cross wind. Feeling gone in fingers and toes by Mt Barker - turn left ... dead into the wind - next stop Macclesfield for banana and cake and stories of hills and wind. Tight formation and good rotation fights the wind and with slight decent, speed - and excitment - increases. Final climb - Strath appears below from the crest - bikes sideways in the wind for the final decent into Strath at full speed. Lunch was well earned. One-for-all-and-all-for-one. For teh record - feeling returned to toes by Meadows on drive home ... and it never rained more than a drop.
3 hours ride time (exactly)
average speed 25.3km/h
... next Grandslam in North and will include some of the TDU '09 route ... let's hope the pelleton will build

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