05 August 2008

joe joe calamari —101

The old Kero v Bike store degreaser debate...

The pro-teams and anyone clocking up huge K's will stand by kero
(and I have in the past)....however these guys throw chains and blocks
(cassettes) out like bath-water. So the the super cleanness of kero
far out-weights the short shelf-life.

I have been on the receiving end of a couple of broken chains due to
kero abuse....as the danger is that it gets into the link-pins and a
loss of lunrication there is a snap not too far away. If you do use
kero to clean your chain....dry it

after....then stick it in a plastic bag (yes, you'll need a chain
remover...or have the snap-lock link system)...and spray it with
CRC/RP7 or alike...agitate as you would like crumbing Calamari in a
bag...then leave it for an hour
to soak in...then remove, wipe clean and refit....then apply a good
quality drive-chain lube....and of course wipe off the excess.

By then the Calamari should be cooked and on the table for you!!

If you are looking for good tools....have a look here. It will cost
you half of what your LBS will charge. As much as I love buying things
from Keith and Rebecca at Bicycle Express.....you can save quite a few




Also if you want some mechanical "know-how"...have a look here

You can view on-line video of how to fix you bike and the tools that
you will need.

Parktool make a good range of tools, however you can save even more
$$$ by buying the "pro" brand (basically Shimano)....they have kitted
out quite a few pro teams...so there quality is good. BBB do a few

Happy Torque Wrenching....

mr 'C'

post script—for that extra zing add one handfull of fresh sliced chilli [red] and chopped garlic. dust in plain flour spruce with sea salt and ground pepper. bake till its the nuts, in a moderate to hot oven. serve on the baking tray. WKD. feeds 4-6. skip

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