02 November 2008

ghost stories - part 1.1

the rumour is true - the 12 y/o kid[d] who rolled up the mainstreet with the words "I'm just an average climber" amongst his racing mates, beat Chris to the 2.87km summit of Old Willunga Hill by 200m, the Kidd by 250m and Doc and Van Dutch a couple of mins further back. He was so kind and considerate, he even rode back 100m to Summit again with the Kidd - about 1km in Chris turns to Kidd and says "we're not going to catch him are we?" ... Christo did say his 16 y/o old mate rode the Hill is 7mins ... see our numbers below.
let his skills not detract from an impressive summit by the rest of the team. Over the summit, the boys try to keep tight formation along the range - split up at times by endless rolling hills ... views gorgeous ... smiles broaden as Wickham's approaches ... the Kidd keen to test his improving descending skills against the master - alas Doc still has the speed (by plenty). Regroup at the bottom and more rolling hills including one final short climb before solid bunch riding into McLaren for left over rolls (beef or beef?).
The ton is up - bats are waved at the crowd and helmets are kissed.
Plenty still on the road after us.

My numbers say
First 60 was done averaging about 27.2km/h ... good work team
Old Willunga Hill 2.87km (7.6% average gradient) 13.47mins average speed 12.5km/h
Second 40 (incl Hill) average speed 24.8km/h

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skipper said...

nice werk team....KOM! skip