07 January 2009

River Run

A cold and wet morning greeted a small but enthusiastic team bound for the historic river-port - Gunner in bearded disguise, Skipper in Giant strides and Kidd (minus smallgoods and still minus job). Tight formation made for good rolling through Clarendon and Kangarilla toward the foot of old man Wickham before Range Rd provided more bunch riding and promises from Dad that "one day all this could be yours son". Pottery Rd and the sounds of the Harley Fat Boy joined the team - now with fleece and shiny Inexa. Great rolling in the rain all the way to Meadows - with a little more time to enjoy the scenery this time! - before Gunner went on an eating binge at the bakery and Skip started kissing other cyclists taking a break too. Turned out the new faces were to form an expanded peleton - Paul on smooth campy-ladened Bianchi, Di - who must have been fast, her bike was ferrari-red (it will be great for Doc to have another girl to ride with) and Nigel, riding "the biggest bike they make". Meadows to Goolwa is a beautiful run ... as is the Paris Creek Rd for those who choose to ride it. Back on track and bunch riding was the norm with newbied fitting in well to the "golden train" pace-line. Intermittant showers and serious traffic couldn't dampen the enthusiasm of the peleton as it approached Goolwa with spirits high and everyone still "on" - Skip was not once heard to yell "we finish together". All 3 peleton additions proved handy to team-S and may well be seen again riding amongst the golden fleece. Skip already has control of the nick-names so I'm told.

Total distance - variable from 95 to 120

Average speed: 24.3 (liesurely but nice)

Thank you linesman, thank you ballboys, good game every one

Cabana Kidd

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skipper said...

welcome to bondy—live and let di; campese cause i think thats what was on the front, or was the the back of his jersey; and nigel no friends maybe thats too long for the name on the back we will work with that—skip