02 January 2009

MSG Added

Many people will avoid anything with added MSG ... Smokkelaars learn today that adding MSG is sometimes a good thing. Skip, Kidd, Trippo (with new fleece) and a bloke who looked like Doc but rode a girls bike assembled at Belair with 8 members of Mud Sweat & Gears for a ton of ks together. The peleton rolled easily through Blackwood and Coro before the days first big climb out of Coro to Cherry Gardens before picking the windy descent into Clarendon and on to the Vale of McLarens via rolling hills at good speed. Skip lived up to his name and assembled all for the bunch riding talk and it worked pretty well into the wind (AND RAIN) on the way to Willunga. As always it was every man for himself up Willunga Hill before the pedal hit the floor (BIG TIME) on the long flat run into Meadows for a carbo-relaod at the famous bakehouse. THe peleton was pretty beat up for the ride home which was a little more liesurely before the final big climb out of Clarendon for "dessert".
Numbers don't tell the story because Kidd started and ended separate from the rest of the Team and becasue the peleton was split by high speeds on several occassions. Suffice to say it was long, fast and we rode plenty hills.

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skipper said...

i guess when the added MSG says 'a couple of small hills', you can add all the MSG you want...like, it or not! hey nice stock market review i think those financial graphs are starting to make sense to me now...good bunch riding into the wind. great tour. skip.