02 January 2009


Junior got serious and started his TDU preparation with an ascent to the Eagle and Mt Lofty. Leaving Edwardstown, the ride started with a gradual climb to the freeway along Cross Road. This was navigated with a headwind, but good news was there was minimal traffic to concern any car shy roller.

Once tolls were paid the climb began. With a facial breeze and no protective peleton, the climb was slow, but hard yards are required if Mengler's is going to be conquered in 3 weeks time!

I dipped my hat to the Eagle and proceeded towards Lofty. It wasn't as big as I thought it was going to be, as it was my first jaunt up to Lofty, but the climb to the Eagle covered a fair majority of the vertical. The view was great, many internationals snapping away.

Greenhill was the way home and the avg speed picked up considerably with more braking than pedaling. No cars behind, so observing the speed limit recommendations on corners was crucial as I speed down, eyes watering voluntarily.

Normality resumed at the bottom of Greenhill with the slight downhill making cruising home a pleasure.

Total Stats
Max 67.7km
Av 22.8 km ph
Dist 43.3 km
Time 1 h 54m

Ascent Stats (when more stats are never enough)
Av 16.9 km ph
Dist 21.2 km
Time 1 h 15m


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skipper said...

junior — the true independence! nice to hear. tight lines. skip