18 May 2009

The Alma ... numbers and pictures

I can only applaud Van Dutch's summary of one of the toughest rides this little Smokkelaar has ever come up against. The Alma was truly a monster to rival any SA climb.

For the numbers. The Alma is 600m of 17% + 200m of 19% solid climbing ... but these climbs come at the end of 3km of pretty solid climbing. Crazy stuff.

Time in the saddle was 4hrs30 - 5hrs and we averaged 18.5km/h for the journey of 87km.

Brenton Collas took the photos below. They show the beauty of the ride, but can never capture the dark side of old Mrs Alma.

The Kidd



skipper said...

pain aside — that looks like a stunning day. nice werke if you can get it...skip

Van Dutch said...

Good work C.K. It was a good ride.