04 June 2009

Media release

Healthcare Industries Australia has signed a one year contract for naming rights on De Smokkelaars riding socks. Encouraged by Smokkelaars' recent performances in both road and dirt cycling, HIA, recognized the international scope and publicity with it's guarantee for global exposure. On top of this deal, of which we cannot expose the details, HIA had donated one of it's prototypes for use by the De Smokkelaars. Specifically the concept of rolating the machine amongst the team played a big part in sealing this deal. Further motivation came from the fact that De Smokkelaars have a unisex credo in it's statutes, and have an average age which approaches HIA's target audience. As CEO; Eugene Earnest Schnittenbacher the Third said: 'Once one goes, the rest will follow'. The prototype, aptly named 'Beast of the Barossa' comes in black and metallic green, is mounted with XP and Dura-ace group and has mag wheels, and Marzochi shocks. A 'triathlon' handlebar can be mounted for those who feel the need for added speed. It comes with a handy box where nutbars, fluids and a raincoat can be stored. This handy accessory also functions as a seat while waiting at a railway crossing. De Smokkelaars plan to unveil their latest technical wonder at the upcoming 'Round the Old Gum tree classic' in Glenelg. Mike Rann was unavailable but Martin Hamilton Smith will launch the Beast of the Barossa. He added he regretted that the Beast had not yet been invented while he was in commando training. June 4, Guadalajara, Mexico

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