05 November 2009

amy's "C"

... those looking for the ton moved away sharply up the expressway. Jlotto stopped on South Rd to wait for a friend and despite the generous headstart still easily caught the peleton before the first expressway summit - there is no mistaking the Andy Schleck look alike can ride-alike too. Refill and regroup at Seaford having picked up the Gunner who by now had declared his hand for the day. Good pace, good conversation and gorgeous scenery made the coastal ride into Willunga a highlight ... "it doesn't get any better than this". Headwind and uphill and the team sends Jlotto to the front ... fall in boys. Willunga pit stop comes too quickly. G'lover decides he'll ride on and the team heads into the jaws of the monster. Jlotto again gives everyone plenty of start and summits first easily in 12.38. Kidd rolls over second and 14.21 and the rest of the team follows over the next few minutes. Syd finishes with a happy snap before he rolls back down and the remaining team rolls on. Gorgeous hills, beautiful day but the monster has left teeth marks in the team - cramps and exhaustion begin to set in. The last 25 take a long time. lots of breaks and lots of easy rolling to keep the team together. Wickhams descent provides a welcome change of pace. Doc wins it narrowly from a disgusted Kidd who had to hit the brakes on the closing corner behind a slow rider allowing Doc to ease past ... laughing. The final few kms are spent nursing the tired and cramping ... where's G'lover. Never leave a man behind - Doc, Gunner and Kidd hit the breaks and start the search. Jlotto leads the front runners home while G'lover is located and the final foursome cross the line a few mins back - G'lover intact. All in all a good ride. All decide the team is a little underdone and more tough kms and longer rides are needed before the Tour. Kidd's numbers 99km, 3hr38min ride time, average speed 27.15kph


gunner said...

a good summary but no mention of a ghost sighting at the widow-maker's summit or the mystery of 'rowdy' luxuriating roadside in uniform but not with the smokkelaars' peloton.

skipper said...

rowdy's a sleeper, a dark horse, yet a team man, comment allez vous? his plan was watch and wait. seize the moment. dizzy miss lizzy and the catherine tate show made use of their 'natural domestique' to get a few kilos on the odomoters. rowdy never says much. he doesn't have to he;s got mates who do his talking. great write up kiddo. with a few moore insights! skip

skipper said...

ghost? whose the ghost again?..i asked a few baulderstone kits, they looked worried! saw no chilli laquered beer batters for the taking. its all hogwarts! +