21 November 2009

Tour de Smokkelaar

Seeing Le Tour live was an awesome experience! We left our base near St Maxime in the South of France at 5.30am and drove 2 hours to Marseille to catch a 2 hour train to the start of stage 20 at Montelimar. I could barely imagine how the riders must have been feeling as they rolled out to commence the journey to the end of the stage at Mt Ventoux. The caravan that came before the riders was extensive and colourful (you'd expect nothing less!) but not many freebees were dished out out as the tour was one day from completion. Contador is easy to spot in the video but you may struggle to see Lance as we did live. Le Junior

1 comment:

skipper said...

i think its mandatory that all smokkelaars are to wear the golden jacket en tour, any tour. great work junior, but why are the cops holding hands? skip