19 January 2010

westerly lakes round 3

if the previous round was picture perfect, then round 3 of the cyclo sportif made the entrants think long and hard about their riding passion, fad and or fashions. a stiff sou wester greeted team de smokkelaar and on the start line skip's hedging for a point or two was quickly seen through by the directeur—team 'smugglers' he barked. upon redemtion he corrected 'smokkelaars , but added 'its dutch for smuggling'. cover blown. on the horn head down into the wind the hard yards began.  the formation lined up with two  new  recruits to help pave the way. simon and his  TT time travel giant advanced machine and the youngest j shleck kitted out in orbea euskatel euskadi chingraph. with the thought of the engine room growing legs the long haul windward seemed an appertiser. at the west beach torrens outlet lance and co went passed. didn't bat an eye at the precision riding from the golden fleece,  whilst making the downwind look easy. and it was. at west beach surf we hotdogged the roundabout and set off in pursuit of the shack. easy 45 k plus without peddling. 11ks of pleasure. cadle and big george rolled out our new bmc bikes for us – but we couldnt stop for the changeover. pleasentarys aside and nasty furniture avoided in unison, we plouhged on to the lake foreshore. on the return, our trusted team motivator  and strategist called out suggestions for a complete leg waxing evenings and affected the cogs being shunted as we smokked semaphore. and the dampning effect of headwind was ferocious we managed 30 at a slog but settled for 27 plus, high rotation from the semaphore roundabout. the team formed du muur, as we swallowed up a couple of teams, and were then put to shame from semi pro outfit lightsview who obviously care little for weakness leaving their collective. the thing about cyclo, is you now know what lays ahead, and yet the daunting course seems to come to you on the second round. the corners well taken. the transitions at point smoothed. 'cibo' has a really nice bike and grunt to push it along. makes a handy wind shadow to get lost behind. and yet junior shleck isn't troubled by the breeze. he just slices through. the motoring of cogs was super impressive both tours, as was all the team. rowdy evergreen, was even breathing. glover the cyclo convert practised what he preached. syd directing traffic from his helm and curly working off his best 3 weeks ever on the beach. makes being skipper worth the toil and turn. robbie team katusha worked the wind as we blasted back along the coast. making good time. i suspected we may even pick up jacks pack who had us by 20 secs last round—we passed them repairing a puncture. but it aint over til she sings and what looks a certainty, the wheels can easily come off. at the last hotdog curly calls the pace off. he's busted up and hurting. cogs calls back for reinforcments and team smokkelaars let go of the leader board handle and close ranks to bring home the bus. great things come to the moment of choice. the dutch have a work—karactaar! the after show entertainment and food were brilliant. makes for a great event. max and the organsiers should be fully thanked for all their hard work. looking forward to next round. willunga range. what stories will unfold. will the ghost annoint us? will team smokkelaars get back on the leader board. unfashionable yet still getting a laugh!

to all this weeks tdu community challengers. enjoy. tight lines

ps check the footage from cineliz

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