03 August 2008

l'Alp du Education

three muskateers hit the road at midday and hit it hard (ignorance is bliss - knowledge is power), starting up Education Road (2.7km - peak gradient 16% - average 6.1%) ... pain early followed by a fast descent into Clarendon - drivers yelling "your doing 70" from car windows - Trippo finds cassette bearing trouble - where is the mechanic . Baker's Gully, rolling hills (one 17% descent!), fast flats in tight formation, Chapel Hill Cellar door stop, glorious vineyards and good conversation ... finally McLaren Vale and South Road and a road-side rendevous with the Doc (smokkelette "Fred" drives home) before Old Noarlunga, head winds, banana stories and Lonsdale en route to Hallett Cove - another Skipper short-cut adds 3-4 kms and some hills before the Kidd splits for out-laws birthday at Hallett Cove ...
total distance 60-65km
average speed 22.4 (top speed 70+)
total ride time 2:40
we started together and finished together !!!


skipper said...

nice work Kidd...the the steepest of learning curves...your work on point was the new insight great work out there and your report 'fantasch' ...doc to the rescue...skipper bit off more than he could chew..'staying' with the twins..and was in serious trouble on the home leg...87k..max 72..ave 21.4 tim 4.04..but spare a thought for our lone rider gunner— milang and back, solo into that wind! +

skipper said...
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